No matter how solid your business is, it will never be successful without quality employees. How do you know if you’re choosing a quality employee or not? The following are some guidelines to choosing the right employees for your company.

Prescreen Candidates

While a candidate may look great on their resume, a prescreening interview will tell you if their qualifications are truly a fit with your company. Why prescreen? By using this process, you can weed out the employees who don’t match the values of your company before bringing them in for an interview. The interview processes can be long and take up the precious time of your managers. Save them this time by prescreening candidates ahead of time and making sure anyone offered an interview is already in line with your company’s core values.

Check Backgrounds and References

Make use of the background checks that are available to employers. You can run a criminal background check, driving history and even a credit check on potential employees. When it comes to employee’s professional and personal references, it may seem like a time consuming process to call each and every reference, but it will save you and your company time in the end. References can provide extremely helpful and pertinent information about your potential employee.

Ask the Right Interview Questions

Once you have prescreened your candidate and checked their references, it is time to interview your next potential employee. You need to ask questions that will allow you to garner the information you need in order to make your decision. If your company’s core values place a strong emphasis on punctuality and the candidate is late to the interview, you may consider them not to be a fit. Likewise, if you are searching for a candidate who can speak to a specific business strategy, create a question based around that. If the candidate cannot provide an adequate response, you know they are not the right fit for your company.

Building a successful business begins and ends with quality employees. How do you know that the candidates you choose will become quality employees for your company? By using methods such as prescreening and checking backgrounds, you can weed out undesirable candidates. Once you have generated a successful pool of candidates, be sure to ask the right interview questions. This process will lead you to hiring quality employees.