How do you figure out exactly what it is, in life, that you are passionate about? This has a huge impact on the charisma you exude when making a first impression. When someone asks you “what do you do?” and you don’t love your work, it shows. The fact that you are not engaged and excited about your life comes through loud and clear. Figuring out what you are passionate about and incorporating it into your life is crucial.

What can you Spend your Time Doing that Makes you Lose Track of time?

Make a list of things you do that make you lose track of time. If one of the answers is video games, go ahead and write that down. You are looking for the things that get you in the flow.

What Sort of Activities do you Spend Money to Participate in?

Where do you spend your money? When you look at your bank account, take note of trends. What sort of events do you spend your own hard-earned money to participate in? That means you care enough to invest. Perhaps you pay a hefty monthly gym membership because you love to work out and exercise. If you are willing to pay money to do something, this could be one of your true passions.

What area of Life do you Fear Judgement in?

Do you have a backlog of art or journal entries that you want to show others but never have? This means you care about it tremendously. It is core to your identity, therefore, you will work hard to be excellent at it. Maybe it’s writing, maybe it’s art. Whatever it is, focus in on that. Look for the area of things you’re afraid to share. That’s what is important to you.

What makes your Heart Race?

What things in your life make your heart race? When you engage in this activity, your heart rate elevates.  Reflect on your life and see what makes your heart race. Write down whatever you think of skydiving, scary movies, etc.

Once you culminate a list of everything that makes you lose track of time and makes your heart race, you will get closer to pinpointing your passions. Look for commonalities on the list. The reason is not just for yourself but so that when you meet others, you can bring enthusiasm to that question of “what do you do?”