Everyone has heard of “Impostor Syndrome.” It is a pattern of thought wherein the individual second guesses their success and feels as if they don’t belong. Hopefully that’s never the case for anyone, but those who find themselves in such a position may feel as if they need to prove themselves – whether it is to the company or a boss or to themselves. What are some ways that someone can assuage themselves that yes, in fact you have been chosen on merit? Or that yes, now a promotion has been granted to you, you will try to demonstrate skills you never thought you had?

Positive Thinking

Getting a promotion at work may come with its own set of new rules. There will be more responsibility, a new social circle with more experienced or successful colleagues and more. Simply thinking positively can help with your adjustment. After all, there is a reason why a promotion is given. Decision-makers know the person is up for the job and has stood out in their prior capacities, and feel the person now belongs. If they know, why don’t you? Trying hard to seem impressive is bad in its own way, especially if done from a position of insecurity.

Confidence and Competence

Being respectful, professional and chiming in from a position of authority helps with confidence in knowing that the knowledge required for this new role is there, and more responsibility means that knowledge will be placed into action. Interactions with new colleagues will now take on added meaning, and seeming competent and confident can help.


Maybe needing to fit in is an issue. Reaching out to those who have been there, done that is an important piece of the puzzle. Make new friends, and meet new mentors who will help navigate the waters of this new position. Scheduling talks with new workmates may prove to be beneficial as they will see someone who is legitimately interesting in tackling their new role with gusto while also trying to create new relationships and understand the team’s goals. Figuring out how decisions are made and how people interact with each other in this new group may hold the key to knowing exactly where you stand, but make sure to be careful and feel everything out first.

If you have just earned a promotion, congratulations! Now it’s time to prove yourself and get to work. The best way to do this is through positive thinking, confidence and competence and socializing. Follow these tips and you will prove yourself in no time!