One of the buzzwords circulating in the business world today is “culture.” Employees, especially Millennials, are attracted to businesses with great culture. One of the best ways to create a positive culture is through philanthropic work. This is just one of the reasons that more and more companies are diving into philanthropy with their employees. Before you launch philanthropy in your workplace, read on for tips for the best execution.
Learn which Charities Employees Like

Before encouraging employees to participate in philanthropy, it is critical to understand what they are passionate about. Take an office-wide poll and gather the results. If eighty percent of the office is interested in children’s charities, focus your efforts there. For the employees who expressed interest in other charities, allow them the freedom to take a paid day off to volunteer for the charity of their choice. Philanthropy should be fun and rewarding for everyone.

Another great option for choosing a charity is focusing in on one employee’s specific situation and providing support to a related charity. For example, if an employee recently dealt with cancer, it is a great idea to choose a charity that benefits that type of cancer. This builds trust between not only the company and that specific employee, but it also boosts office morale. When employees see their company paying attention to their lives and specific struggles, they are more apt to want to stay with that company.

Make it an Event

Everything is more fun when done as a team! Your company can participate in a pre-organized event, or create a unique event specific to the business. The great part about philanthropy is that all help is good help! Not only is this a wonderful way to build team unity, it also presents a charitable image to the local community.

Provide Paid Days to Volunteer

More and more, companies are providing paid days off for philanthropy and charity work. This makes employees more willing to participate in charity work, and it creates a positive environment in the office. Employees know that their company prioritizes philanthropy, and companies can feel good knowing they are having a positive impact on the community.

As stated earlier, any philanthropic giving is good giving. However, there are ways to get the most out of your employees when it comes to philanthropy. First, it is crucial that a company understands what charity its employees are most passionate about. Second, when a business turns philanthropy into an event, it is more accessible for employees and leads to greater engagement. Lastly, by providing paid days off specifically to volunteer or contribute to a philanthropy is a great way to show the community that your business is serious about giving back to the community.