Did you know that being an entrepreneur and a philanthropist go hand in hand? In fact some of the most commonly known philanthropist are successful entrepreneurs. With that being said, how exactly do they mesh together so seamlessly? Luke Weil sat down with Forbes magazine and discussed the benefits of putting the two together.


  1. Giving and Not Receiving

Everyone knows about giving and receiving, but what if we gave and didn’t receive anything in return except the knowledge that you helped the less fortunate? For some, they might not be able to do it but for others like Luke Weil, that’s all he ever needs. Weil prides himself as a giver and he believes in the saying, “what goes around, come around” which is a big reason for why he gives and feels comfortable knowing it’s simply doing better for others.


  1. Networking

Every good entrepreneur knows that if you want to succeed, you need to have a team to stand behind you and you need people to go to for when the times get tough. When you are doing philanthropic needs, you are going to meet others who share that commonality and those sources make a strong support system and team.

  1. Problem Solving

There are always more ways to solve a problem. As Forbes magazine says, being an entrepreneur, the main reason you got started was to fix a problem and for philanthropist they are trying to solve problems within their charities. Together, they can brainstorm more creative ideas.


  1. Experience

Doing philanthropic work is a unique experience that most positions can’t give you. Whenever it comes down to it, committing your life to helping others and their well being is an experience that only a few people have the opportunity of having. When you’re a philanthropist along with an entrepreneur, it changes your perspective on how you approach things.


  1. Creativity

Being a successful entrepreneur means that you have found a creative way to solve a problem. Whenever you are a philanthropist, you have found a creative way to solve issues within your foundation or project. When these two can be intertwined, the creativity can be explored in new ways. This gets two different perspectives with the same mindset- solve the problem effectively.
As Brain Rashid said in his article 5 Priceless Benefits Entrepreneurs Gain From Philanthropy, “All you need is the desire to help others, and the willingness to put in the effort to make a change” same goes with tying entrepreneurship with philanthropy. If you take the time to combine the two, there will be a change.