Having an internship is different than having a part-time job. With an internship, you have an opportunity to see if this is a career you would like to pursue, find out if this line of work is too much or simply gain get on the job experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else. While having an internship try using these tips to get the most of it!

1. Be Professional
Although it may seem obvious, taking the internship seriously has to be number one. Not everyone gets the opportunity to gain an internship, so be as professional as possible. This is more than just following the guidelines but dressing professionally, staying off your phone and paying attention to what you are doing. Go through the day trying to learn as much as possible.

2. Get to Know Your Coworkers
You might only spend a couple of months there but it really makes a difference when you meet and connect with your coworkers. Not only is it polite to greet people with their name, but these people could be potential references for future jobs or they might be able to get you connections within the company. Never take your coworkers for granted.

3. Learn from Others
Your internship might be what you want to do and you might have some experience, but your coworkers have been there longer and know the company better. Take the time to shadow them and see if you can try some hands-on work.

4. Stay Busy
Having an internship allows you to learn the entire company, so take that opportunity. If you have free time, tell your boss and maybe they can assign you something else. You might even get the opportunity to help out those coworkers you’ve met to see what they are doing. Sometimes people just need something filed, every little bit helps and it says a lot about your work ethic.

5. Keep Track of Projects
You’ll be doing a lot of work and even if you only get one or two projects, keep them saved in a folder you can easily access. When you go to apply for a new job and they want a sample of your work, you are able to show them real work that you did at your internship.