Donating your time and money to a charity or a foundation is a selfless act, no doubt, but it takes a certain type of person, a certain type of personality, to become a proclaimed philanthropist. It’s more than just giving money or volunteering for an hour, it’s making it apart of your life. Do you have the personality to be a successful philanthropist?

The personality test that is being used is called 16 Personalities and when taken seriously, the test is usually spot on. Try taking the exam here. If you aren’t looking for a quiz, below are the four different categories and the types of personalities in each one. In each category, there is one personality that fits the philanthropy personality best.


The best personality that fits being a philanthropist in the Analysts category would be a Commander. Being a Commander means that you are a leader, strong willed and looking to find a way to make things work. When it comes to philanthropy, you would want a Commander to take charge of the volunteer work because it means that it will be done well and it will be done efficiently.


If you fall under the Diplomat category, being a Mediator is going to be the best for being a philanthropist. Although they come off shy sometimes, they are very passionate about projects or anything they put their mind to. That being said, if you ever feel the need to give back or you want to do more good, you might have a Mediator personality which can allow you to be a successful philanthropist.


The Consuls in the Sentinels category are some of the most caring people you’ll ever meet. They pride themselves on being able to cater to others and aim to please and help everyone they can. When looking at philanthropy, people are trying to do more good for more people and Consuls have the same characteristics.


Finally, in the Explorers category being named an Entrepreneur means becoming a philanthropist might be perfect for you. They love taking risks, and have a strong influence on those around them. Being an Entrepreneur flows nicely into being a philanthropist.


Which personality do you have? Do you have a different one that you believe fits better with philanthropy?