Emotional intelligence is important in the workplace. People with higher than average emotional intelligence are often the highest-performing employees. Someone with high emotional intelligence are resilient and flexible, curious and gracious. Read on to learn more.

Resilient and Flexible

When you are running a company, you want employees who are both resilient and flexible. In the business world things change and shift very quickly. You need employees who are willing and able to deal with unpredictable situations. Flexible employees can change their direction on a dime when necessary. This characteristic is not easy to find, so when you have a flexible employee, capitalize on that!

Resiliency is another core trait of an emotionally intelligent person and employee.  Resilient employees stay in the present moment. They don’t let past mistakes keep them from moving forward and they are quick to move on from situations or circumstances. The emotional intelligence that lies in resiliency is huge. It shows that a person is so focused, they can bounce back no matter what.


An inborn sense of wonder and curiosity makes emotionally intelligent employees a delight to be around. They don’t cast judgements and they are quick to ask questions and create or find new and exciting solutions to problems within the company. Their curiosity often leads to better methods of doing something.

Gracious and Grateful

When your company employs someone with high emotional intelligence, you will immediately notice they come with an attitude of gratitude. These people feel so happy and satisfied in their own lives, they are quick to express their gratitude and graciousness. This attitude in the work environment is invaluable. Grateful people rub off on others and can lift an entire office up through their attitude.
Why is emotional intelligence relevant in the business world? According to experts, emotional intelligence has become an important predictor of job success, even surpassing technical ability. Why? Emotionally intelligent people make great employees. They are resilient and flexible, they are constantly curious and they express gratitude frequently. All of these traits combine to make a productive, positive employee that any company would want on their side.