Have you recently been granted the title of CEO? Congratulations! Now the real work begins. How can you become the best possible CEO? The following are three tips to ensuring your success as a CEO:

Build Your Leadership Team

One of the most important jobs you have as a CEO is to develop a team of people underneath you who are fully equipped to carry out the company’s mission. This process is multi-layered. First, you need to choose the right candidates for leadership roles. Once you have a team in place, you should provide trainings on a monthly basis. As your leaders grow into their role, you may start to notice certain holes in their leadership. Take the time to work on anything they need to improve upon.

Understand the Big Picture

A CEO’s job involves knowing and understanding what the big picture looks like.

CEO’s need to know the big things that will make an impact on the company, and then invest their efforts on improving those things. What are some parts of the big picture? The best CEO’s know and understand which client relationships matter the most when it comes to the big picture. They understand which team members contribute what and how they affect business. Lastly, it is critical that the CEO understands the money side of the picture. Which factors are impacting profitability and cash flow? Exactly how much are you attempting to grow by in the following quarter, and year? These are all parts of the big picture that the CEO must be very clear on.

Be the Gatekeeper

As a CEO, you will delegate tasks and projects frequently. Delegation is not the same as gatekeeping, however. As a CEO, you are the gatekeeper in your company. You determine who comes in and who goes out. You can control the culture of the company through your own actions. As a CEO, be prepared for people to try to get you to compromise your standards are in order to move more quickly. Don’t ever compromise your standards. Stay true to yourself and the mission of the company.

As the CEO of any company large or small, you are responsible for the success of an entire organization, including its employees. In order to be as successful as possible, start by building up your leadership team. Make sure you understand the big picture of the company at all times. Lastly, be the gatekeeper for your business.